Mixed Martial Arts is a hard hitting physical sport to which many dedicate their lives. If you want to train in MMA you will need a lot of MMA Gear pieces but there are some important pieces that you will need before you Begin. Below we run down the top 6.

MMA Short:

one of the most important kit pieces is a pair of MMA Shorts. They had to be light in weight and very strong so they could stand up to all the stresses of training in Mixed Martial Arts. Most modern MMA Shorts feature stretch under panels and side splits on the 2 legs this feature helps freedom of movement while practicing. Another feature to consider is the waistband fastener. They usually have a string tie, Velcro or a mixture of the two. Some of the top brands of MMA Shorts include Bad Boy, Venum and Hayabusa.

MMA Gloves:

There are 2 main types of MMA Gloves, the 4 oz MMA Gloves and the 8 oz Sparring MMA Gloves. The 4 oz glove is usually used for bag work, grappling training and also in competition and the sparring glove is used for light sparring while also grappling as the glove features an open palm design. Most are made of leather but several companies offer Gloves made of different materials. If you can afford leather then buy leather as it will last longer. Some of the top brand MMA gloves include Punchtown, Throwdown, and Venum.

MMA Rash Guards:

IMPORTANT! We cannot stress this enough. This must have a piece of kit. They help prevent mat birth diseases such as ringworm and staph. These ailments are common in wrestling-based sports and in hot and humid areas, namely the gym. The extra layer between you and the mat or person you are talking to will help you avoid unnecessary time off from your training and document visits. Investing in MMA Rash Guards is worth it.


If you are serious about MMA then you will dedicate some time to learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You will need a BJJ GI and there are a few things you need to consider which are weaving, cutting and sizing. There are different weaves including the single weave, gold weave, and pearl weave. The single weave is light but not that strong. The weave of gold is strong but they can suffer from shrinkage so sometimes order the larger sizes. Pearl weaving is the best choice for BJJ GI. There is light, strong and does not suffer much shrink.

MMA Shin Guards:

You will need a pair of MMA Shin Guards for your striking training. A good pair will protect your shins, ankles and feet. They have high density foam cushions and reinforced straps to hold them in place when training and perforated neoprene MMA guide support for full breathability. Some offer Full-Back designs for an unprecedented fit. This helps when practicing in grappling.

MMA T Shirts:

An essential part of your fight wearing your arsenal. You need something to train for and a loose MMA shirt is ideal for tough training sessions. There are many designs and styles to choose from so this one is an easy choice to make. Top brands include Tapout and Affliction

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