Can You Trust Your Self Defense Instructor’s Knowledge?

What is real self-defense and what do you learn in most finished martial arts schools?

Did you learn a system that gives you the ability to change from one movement to another in an instant? Find out what the master knows.

It has been my experience that many of the methods of martial arts taught in the United States are not fully functional in today’s world. At most of today’s martial arts schools you can take regular lessons and add a few self-defense classes. But there is still a problem of the effectiveness of martial arts and the so-called self-defense movements being taught. There are some like Wing Chun which claim to be “real world self defense”. So what happens if you have martial arts that still incorporate RULES in their system? You end up with a less effective method of fighting. What happens if you learn one of these sports-oriented systems and also learn some self-defense? Well, your chances increase if you have learned to make smooth self-defense with martial arts but that is almost impossible with 95% of what is being taught out there.

However, if you have a martial arts that is concept-based, real-world minded, non-sporting oriented, lethal in nature and guided by true scientific biomechanics, then you can have a seamless self-defense system. In this way one can become a “movement martial artist”. In other words it doesn’t matter what opponent he has to move to attack you. It becomes its downfall because you are an expert at detecting motion through sight first and then touching. With this you can create a COMPLETE self defense system and move easily using attack energy against them. I know of only one martial art in the world that functions at a high level in this way. This system is called Wing Chun Kung Fu. The only thing I can add to this martial art is the weapon in hand. But even they became one with the practitioner’s body as if the weapon was an extension of the body. Even a firearm felt like an extension of the body.

If you are serious about studying then consider this fact. The police are nobody’s bodyguards. Their job is to find and arrest the people who have committed crimes, not to prevent crime from happening in the first place. Obviously, the responsibility for victim prevention rests with you. The idea is not to become a victim.

Wing Chun and Krav Maga are two martial arts designed for real street self-defense.

Let me just say that I like Krav Mag but as a complete martial art only Wing Chun is closely attached to the concept and scientific use of the human body. Apart from that it produces a unique characteristic that is smooth and fluid. It’s not sports oriented at all. This is a real world martial art. The focus is on hands for self defense, whether standing or on the ground, with or without weapons.

With a high degree of control and relaxation, skilled practitioners were able to defend themselves and inflict massive damage to any attacker quickly. No matter gender, body type or muscle development, anyone can have these skills in anyone’s grasp as long as they have dedication and consistency. These skills are developed through our unique training methods and have been refined to become one of the most advanced and effective self-defense systems in the world.

I highly recommend if you are looking for a complete combat / self defense, real world system, that you give Wing Chun a try. (And remember you at a time I wish that not all Wing Chun teachers are good and so is research. If you don’t live near my school then I suggest you find a competent Wing Chun instructor in your area. If that’s not possible then I suggest you arm yourself. It’s still yours!

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