UFC 180: Werdum v Hunt – Official TalkingBrawls Staff Picks

Last week there was a lot of fights for our panel to adjudicate on with two cards between Brazil & Australia. Keith Fitzpatrick finished up the weekend a decent 4-2 (Palelei, Whittaker, Rockhold & Alves), Niall McGrath went an average 3-3 (Palelei, Alves & OSP), Ben Kiely did well by going 4-2 (Palelei, Rockhold, Alves & OSP) & finally I finished a disappointing 3-3 (Palelei, Rockhold & Alves). The overall leaderboard stands as follows: Keith is still leading at 113-62, Niall is two behind at 111-64, I am in third place at 107-68 while Ben is in fourth at 93-52. […]


UFC 180: What’s On the Line?

Amongst all the negativity in the press concerning this weekend’s offering from the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is there any positives to look forward to? With the talk of the card being cursed due to the dreaded injury bug, is there any blessings we can count leading into this show? Let’s take a look. This is Zuffa’s first venture into Mexico in terms of a live event. A multitude of carefully selected pieces had been assembled together by the MMA juggernaut for this show. The organisation’s first Mexican champion was set to headline with various established Hispanic fighters set to appear […]


UFC on FOX 11: What’s On the Line?

They say history repeats itself. Irony is not exempt from this. Zuffa prided itself on being different from boxing in the sense it was about the best fighting the best rather than politics spoiling the fights people wanted to see. However, whenever questioned on rankings, the UFC would shy away from them & match make who they wanted to at any given time. Then Fox TV come on board & asked the UFC to introduce rankings for the benefit of the network TV audience buying into the relevancy of any given high profile bout in it’s respective division. In spite […]