Off The Brawl Episode 2: A Look at the Japanese MMA Scene with Zach Arnold

In the second episode of Off The Brawl, coming off UFC Fight Night in Japan, we discussed the Japanese scene with long time investigative journalist Zach Arnold. Zach has covered both Professional Wrestling & Mixed Martial Arts out of Japan for years. Zach’s work has been on sherdog.com with his regular home over at FightOpinion.com Zach & Joe take a look back at how the Japanese scene started, how it became as big as it was & what led to it’s demise. We also looked at the fallout of UFC’s latest trip over to the land of the Rising Sun […]


UFC Fight Night 52 Japan: Hunt vs. Nelson – What’s On the Line?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship returns to the land of the rising sun with Hunt vs. Nelson. The card is cleverly put together with a mixture of local attractions, legitimate fighters & entertainment showpieces. In a way, the match making is reminiscent of a Pride FC event. With the plethora of shows that the UFC is putting on these days, in theory there is a hierarchy in terms of quality. From top to bottom you have PPV, the big Fox shows, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 & UFC Fight Pass. The irony however is that the so called bottom rung […]