#58 Talking Brawls MMA.com Podcast: featuring Tor Troeng, Phil Harris & Zak Cummings

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UFC 175 Main Card: Official TalkingBrawls Staff Picks

Last weekend, the TalkingBrawls panel had ten fights to pick. So on one hand there was opportunity to make a lot of progress, but there was also potential pit falls to lose position in the overall standings. After UFN 43 & 44 were all said & done, Keith Fitzpatrick finished up with a very good 8-2 (Whittaker, Oliveira, Ellenberger, Hester, Lamas, Ferreira, Gastellum & Swanson), Niall McGrath an ultra impressive 9-1 (Whittaker, Oliveira, Marquardt, Ellenberger, Hester, Lamas, Ferreira, Gastellum & Swanson), Ben Kiely also had great night with an 8-2 finish (Whittaker, Oliveira, Marquardt, Ellenberger, Lamas, Ferreira, Gastellum & Swanson) […]


UFC 175 & TUF 19: What’s On the Line?

Last weekend the Ultimate Fighting Championship presented a double header of UFN 43 & 44 on the same day. Both cards combined only had four ranked bouts, which is poor even for two fight night cards. This weekend Zuffa offer us another double header, but spread out over two days. On Saturday, the UFC offer a numbered PPV event in UFC 175 live from the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas & then they pitch their tent there over night only to return the following evening with the TUF 19 Finale. Between them, the two cards offer us six ranked fights, […]


The Main Event Preview: Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida @ UFC 175

Aaaaand finally we have a UFC pay-per-view that we can truly get excited about. There’s been an awful lot of stuff coming from the UFC lately. Between double-header weekends and cards that just don’t get the MMA juices flowing, one could be forgiven for thinking it’s all just a little too much. Thankfully however, July is here and with it are some of the most exciting fights and stacked cards to reinvigorate even the most exhausted fan of this beautiful sport of ours. It all begins this weekend at UFC 175 when middleweight champion Chris Weidman (11-0, 6-0 UFC) takes […]


Physio Evolution on Road to Recovery: Anderson Silva’s leg break

On the 28th of December 2013 Anderson Silva suffered from a horrendous leg break following a checked kick from his opponent Chris Weidman. The bones that were broken included the tibia and fibula, which make up the shin area. This blog explains the break, the surgery  and the rehab Anderson would follow to get back in the Octagon and challenge for the UFC Middle Weight Belt.   What Does It take to Break Bone? The human body is remarkably designed and can absorb a large amount of punishment. Bone is an incredible strong substance and is one of the strongest materials found in nature. Pound for pound bone is stronger than steel and four […]