Cage Warriors 72: Graham Boylan Press Scrum Recap

Cage Warriors 72 took place in Newport this Saturday. As always they provided some fantastic action with the card peppered with finishes, talking points and exciting moments. Toni Tauru defeated Cory Tait to continue the current Scandinavian domination of the Cage Warriors titles, Jack Marshman and Che Mills contested a stand up wrangling, Mateusz Gamrot put the lightweight division on notice with a sub 100 second heel hook victory over Tim Newman while Lewis Long and Steve Dinsdale stole the show with their back and forth war. With so much action the attention turned to Cage Warriors head honcho Graham […]


UFC Berlin: Mark Munoz vs. Gegard Mousasi Fight Recap

And now for the main event of the evening. Chants of “MOU-SAS-I” ring around the arena to begin the first round. Munoz answered with a big takedown that Mousasi reversed easily. Neither man really got the best of the stand-up, though Munoz landed some heavy shots to the leg. Munoz shot again but Mousasi sprawled brilliantly and eventually got top position and into side control. Mousasi dominated on the ground landing big elbows to the head, while looking for a choke. They got back up though and Munoz tried for another takedown. Mousasi reversed once again and landed in the […]


UFC Berlin: Francis Carmont vs. C.B. Dollaway Fight Recap

Excellent first round by both men as Carmont landed some big kicks to Dollaway, opting against his bread and butter wrestling offence. Dollaway then landed a big left, dropping the Frenchman. Dollaway went in for the finish but Carmont recovered before getting a takedown later in the round. Dollaway reversed the position and saw out the round on top. 10-9 Dollaway. The second was similar to the first with both men exchanging big kicks, with Dollaway now cut and looking very red on his torso. Dollaway then got a huge takedown and eventually took Carmont’s back. Carmont defended well, trying […]


UFC Berlin: Luke Barnatt vs. Sean Strickland Fight Recap

A fight for the ages this one, he said in absolute jest. The first round was a chore to watch with both men very tentative in the stand-up throwing little in the way of offence. Strickland though did land the more significant strikes, despite Barnatt being slightly busier. 10-9 to the American, begrudgingly. The second round began with Barnatt being a bit busier but it was Strickland who got the takedown first. Barnatt looked threatening from the bottom, attempting an armbar but they eventually resumed on the feet. Again, they were hesitant in the exchanges, with Barnatt stalking. The Brit […]


UFC Berlin: Nick Hein vs. Drew Dober Fight Recap

What a fight this was. Sergeant Nick Hein came out to a rapturous ovation for his fellow Germans in attendance with Drew Dober doing his best to get them on his side also. The first round was a brilliant one for Hein as he got the better of the standing exchanges, cutting Dober over the right eye early on. Hein then got a massive takedown into side control. Hein held the position without anything much in the way of offence before Dober got back up with two minutes remaining. Hein was happy to counter-strike Dober who stalked the German. Hein […]


UFC Berlin: Vaughan Lee vs. Iuri Alcantara Fight Recap

This one didn’t take long. Alcantara landed a massive overhand left-hook to Lee who was throwing a kick inside, dropping the Brit. A few hammerfists put Lee out for the count and the referee was forced to stop the fight. This win brings Alcantara to 5-2 in the UFC, with back-to-back victories. Vaughan Lee slips to 3-4 in the UFC. Iuri Alcantara defeats Vaughan Lee by first round knockout (0:25)


UFC Berlin: Andy Ogle vs. Maximo Blanco Fight Recap

This bout got off to a controversial start as Blanco seemingly launched a flying knee as Ogle looked to touch gloves. Blanco immediately swarmed Ogle and the fight didn’t look long for this world. Ogle managed to survive the onslaught however, recovering wonderfully to press Blanco against the fence before getting the takedown and eventually taking Blanco’s back looking for the rear-naked choke before Blanco reversed the position and the retook the centre, seeing out the round. Close in the end after a fantastic Ogle recovery, but Blanco won the round, 10-9. The second round began almost exactly as its […]